Where do Muay Thai shorts originate from?

Those with just a passing interest in martial arts moves and maneuvers might not have clue where to start looking. They are usually more interested in the action and excitement and adrenaline that come from watching their favorite action movies. But, sitting on their asses for long hours, it brings no joy to their bodies and it does even less for their intellect. But while the primitive art of Muay Thai boxing may seem brutal to observers, it is a lot more than that.

Muay Thai shorts

Talented Muay Thai boxers are quietly getting on with their professional work. They need to make a living too, just like everyone else. Action movie fanatics would barely notice their quiet presence, often portraying the bad guys against iconic names. Their talents and services are usually required when an action sequence combining a variety of bare-fisted skills is required. Sometimes, it even goes beyond the more traditional martial arts forms which are limited in its range for movie screen adaptation, unless, of course, it is genre specific.

Guys, to put it bluntly, and as the name suggests, Muay Thai shorts originated from Thailand, the birthplace of this unique and artistic fighting sport. Depending on the fighter’s unique personality and allegiance, he will be choosing from a variety of styles and colors, from the uniform black and white to the classical and oriental-inclined, the Spirit Dragon being a clear example. Muay Thai shorts are made to wear in the truest sense of the word.

They are specifically designed and cut to suit this unique contact sport with its multiple physical combat disciplines. Design features ensure that the shorts do not pose any hindrances to the necessary contact and do not restrict splits and kicks.