Read All About How to Avoid Eviction

There are a lot of reasons that you may be facing eviction: nonpayment of rent, noise and disturbing the neighbors, causing problems, or the landlord just wants you out. However, you can’t be evicted unless your landlord sends you a notice. And, they have to terminate the tenancy in order to do so. If they’ve given you notice and you didn’t move out, then they can choose to file a lawsuit, which will call someone out to remove you from the house.

Each state has its own laws, so if you’re looking about trying to find out how to avoid eviction, you’ll have to check state laws. But generally, there are three notices you can get. First, Pay Rent or Quit Notices, which are given when you haven’t paid rent. These give you time to either pay or move.

Cure or Quit Notices are normally given if you aren’t keeping part of the rental agreement – for example, you have a pet and there was a no-pets clause, or if you are making too much noise. This gives you time to fix the problem or move.

how to avoid eviction

Unconditional Quit Notices are the ones that don’t give you any chance to correct the problem. These are allowed if you have violated the agreement more than once, been late paying rend more than once, or have caused a lot of damage to the place or are engaging in illegal activity.

So, how can you avoid eviction? The best way is to make your payments a priority and behave yourself. That’s pretty simple. But in the case that your landlord has no real cause to evict you, you may need to go to court or mediation to work out the issue with a third party who will decide what is the best option for both.