To sweat or not to sweat, that’s Kayla Itsines App for you


Read Barbara

The intention of the exercise app is, of course, to get you guys to sweat, but in a healthy way, of course. There have been recent developments and stories that suggest that not every app user has been entirely delighted with Kayla Itsines App. All is apparently not well in Kayla’s gym. Or is it more a case of all is not well in the app world. Read Barbara’s experience of the app here and you might be in a position to sympathize out of similar frustrations.

Or you might become just a little more curious and want to read still further to find out what all the fuss is really about. Maybe you are still pounding the pavements with just your stopwatch and best pair of trainers for company, and that’s alright too. One of the big problems for gym users and road runners is trying to break away from their natural sweats and monitoring, head and shoulders down, their exercise and physiological progress on a tiny monitor that they are barely able to see.

That’s got to take some getting used to by our reckoning. The point that we would like to make is premised by two important questions. Do Barbara and other users truly know how the Kayla Itsines App works? And are these app users well and truly on the exercise bandwagon? Can it be possible to perfectly monitor and track all progress being made in the gym or out on the road? One possible area of failure is that the incorrect approach or mindset may be taken.

Read further to see if you can determine any negatives from Barbara’s (and others) experiences. Long before even downloading an app, will and spirit must be in place to pursue the exercise regime.